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Who is Debby?

Hi there, nice to meet you! 

I'm Debby and I'm an adventure seeking, nature loving, fitness craving anatomy geek. My home base is currently in the Big Apple. I spend my days running around teaching Pilates, Yoga and Barre to the fast pace residents of NYC. My nights consist of dynamic workouts, walking the west side my fur baby Piper and eating delicious dinners with my foodie boyfriend Drew. Weekends are consumed with what I like to call "choose your own adventures". Opportunities to travel, hike, bike, snowboard or anything that brings a little extra thrill to life. 

My Credentials

I kicked off my fitness career as a yogi, a hobby-turned life calling in my twenties. I received certification as a Yoga Alliance, Registered Yoga Instructor, from Om Sweet Om in Port Washington NY. Next up, I found Exhale, industry leaders in Barre technique. I was fortunate to graduate as an Exhale certified Barre instructor, having the unique opportunity to learn directly from the fabulous Fred Devito. Teaching Barre spike my interest in a long lost love of mine, Pilates! I dove in head first and received a 600hr Comprehensive Classical Pilates certification from Core Pilates NYC. CPNYC is an internationally recognized Pilates Method Alliance School located in the heart of Manhattan. Currently I take regular sessions Master Instructor Blossom Crawford. Learning from Blossom as been a truly mind blowing experience. Every hour I spend with her has brought new light to how I see my clients and help them to connect to their bodies new ways. 

Whats Next?

Honestly, who knows. I passionately believe that we must keep learning to excel in our trade. It is a vast world out there with a tremendous amount to absorb. I hope you choose to join me on this intoxicating adventure called Life!